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When it comes to providing customer support, contact centers today are an indispensable asset for companies. Even more valuable are contact center agents who provide the first line of support to consumers and are largely responsible for driving up the company’s overall customer experience (CX) score.

In this blog, we follow a customer support agent — Meryl, as she goes about a typical workday. For better understanding, we will name the organization she works at Amazing Inc. This is an e-commerce giant with global operations and sells all kinds of products including but not limited to gadgets, clothing, footwear, and electronics.

As she goes about performing her tasks, we will take a detailed look at various features of the ThinkOwl helpdesk that is used by Amazing Inc. Besides that, we shall look at how ThinkOwl’s features aid Meryl and other customer support agents at Amazing deliver a stellar experience to end consumers.

Let’s start…

Meryl begins her shift at 9 am. As soon as she logs into her computer system she finds a mountain of customer inquiries. These are the cases that are to be resolved.

Resolving the first case

The first issue pertains to a customer getting locked out of her Amazing account. Meryl attends to the problem. Checks the customer’s details on her system and after verifying the credentials resolves the client issue and then closes the case.

As soon as Meryl gets done with the first case, the system proceeds to allocate another case to her. ThinkOwl has a unique feature called guided mode, which automatically pushes the next relevant case to Meryl. Isn’t that wonderful?

It’s time to look at the second case

The second query is related to a customer complaining about his order getting delayed. He wants to know a date within which the delivery can be completed. This ticket is a track and trace request. The customer wants information that is related to logistics and transportation.

Let’s see how Meryl resolves the customer’s query successfully using ThinkOwl…

ThinkOwl helps Meryl with the necessary data required to fulfill the customer’s query by pulling it out from the transport management system (TMS). Once she has the reasons for the delay of the order, and the next confirmed delivery date, she puts the information in a customized reply to the customer and sends it. Thanks to ThinkOwl’s integration facility with 3rd party applications.

The third case is from a social channel

The third query is from a customer who is unable to change her card information saved in her Amazing account. This case was raised from a social channel. ThinkOwl’s multi-channel support allows end customers to communicate with customer support through a variety of channels and messaging platforms.

Also, Knowledge (the digital library) helps in case resolution

Meryl looks into the account holder’s information on her dashboard. After verifying the customer’s credentials she refers to the knowledge base in the helpdesk and looks for the articles related to changing debit/credit cards. She copies the information, attaches a link to the knowledge article she just referred to, and sends it to the customer via ThinkOwl; interestingly this will reflect on the same social channel used by the customer. She also sends the same information with the link to the knowledge article on the customer’s registered email.

Once a ticket is marked as resolved, agents can activate a customer satisfaction survey. It helps to gather feedback from clients, drive improvements across the customer journey, and measure their level of satisfaction.

Meryl attends to a few more tickets before reviewing the tickets available in her queue at the end of the day. She marks the tickets for follow-up for the subsequent working day as per their priority.

Thanks to the powerful helpdesk software ThinkOwl

ThinkOwl helps Meryl stay on top of her work by helping her resolve cases faster, automating repetitive tasks, reducing workload, and providing key metrics. In addition, ThinkOwl also allows Merl to log the reason a customer reaches out, schedule follow-up actions, and annotate special comments on cases as a reference for other agents.

Meryl is really passionate about her job and loves helping customers. She loves the fact that her job is not just restricted to answering calls. Instead, she gets a chance to help people in so many different ways. Thanks to ThinkOwl, she multitasks effortlessly, increasing customer satisfaction and improving the overall CX.

Article written by: Soumyadeep Roy


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